Grey Magic by JT Lawrence: An enchanting read about a modern-day witch

Reviews on a Train

Book Review: Grey Magic by JT Lawrence
Device: ePub
Location: On the KTX from Seoul to Daegu; in bed the whole of Sunday; on the express bus to Gangneung for Christmas
Rating: Enchanting

I started reading JT Lawrence’s latest novel Grey Magic on the KTX train from Seoul to Daegu. I had just had a job interview (the final one of three) and I was shaking with excitement and dread. I completely procrastinated on buying a train ticket back home (who even knows what I was thinking; that I would start the job right away?) so I had to stand in the corridor between two cars, next to the pungent bathroom. That’s when I whipped out Grey Magic, and for just under two hours I forgot about the cold and discomfort and focused all my energy on Raven Kane.

For the record, Raven Kane is a goddess. More accurately…

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