Cover Reveal: Sticky Fingers

Things are heating up here at JT HQ. ‘Sticky Fingers’ has gone to print and we’re expecting the stock to arrive a couple of days before the launch on the 28th of July.

Baby Alexandra is 7 weeks old now and she’s been a great mascot, snuggled in my fleece hoodie every night, on my lap, keeping me company as I’ve been designing the cover, tweaking the interior, and trying not to panic.

We made the deadline, though (!) so for those of you who are interested in ordering the book, please see details below:

           Sticky Fingers

          STICKY FINGERS: 12 Short Stories

           Diverse, dark-humoured, and deliciously bite-sized

           On sale 28/07

For international readers:

• Pre-order the ebook on Amazon at its special pre-order price of $4.99 (on-sale price is $6.99), or

• Wait to order the POD paperback once it launches on 28/07.

For South African readers:

• Pre-order the ebook on Amazon at its special pre-order price of $4.99, or

• Pre-order the ebook directly from me for R60, or

• Pre-order a signed paperback directly from me.

The special pre-order price for the paperback is R179 (on-sale price is R220).

(Courier delivery is R39. Orders of 3 books or more qualify for free delivery)

**VIP bonus**

Members of my mailing list who buy the paperback will also get 2x copies of the ebook version for free: one for your own use — short stories are great to read on your phone — and one that you can gift to a friend, which we will send with your compliments.

–>> So that’s R179 for a signed paperback and 2x complimentary ebooks. <<–

Thank you, as ever, for your support. It means everything to an indie author like me.



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